Analysis, Summary, and Presentation of Feral/Stray Cat Management Research Data

Cats (both house cats and feral cats) are estimated to be one of the top sources of mortality to migratory birds in Canada. Cats are estimated to kill between 100 and 350 million birds annually in Canada (Blancher 2013). There are approximately 8.5 million cats in Canada. Research has shown that cats kill many more birds than their owners realise.

Reducing or eliminating stray and feral cat populations and keeping domestic cats indoors will protect many birds. Successful implementation of these actions requires cat management tools (e.g. subsidized spay-neuter programs, and trap neuter rehome
programs), strong partnerships with various stakeholders, and human behaviour change.

Previous work has researched cat predation and feral/stray cat
management. While the work has been summarized using descriptive statistics, more in-depth analyses was required to summarize and share these results through the publication of a manuscript.
Therefore, ACER helped to statistically analyze feral/stray cat management research data using analyses appropriate for the data, present the results of the statistical analyses, and write Methods and Results for the analyses performed for a peer-reviewed journal.

The project was completed in 2017 and the results were written up in a manuscript which has now been submitted for peer-reviewed publication. The results from this study, and our help in analyzing the data, will help guide next steps in reducing bird mortality by cats.

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