Johne’s Disease in Canadian Dairy Herds

This project investigated a new tool to share research and knowledge in the agricultural sector. Whiteboard scribing is a novel extension tool that had not been previously used for agricultural extension. This tool focuses on relaying a simple and concise message through a narrated script, which is cued to a series of drawings/doodles that have been recorded and sped up to match the speed of the narration.

ACER developed three whiteboard videos, each with a different perspective; 1 for producers, 1 for farm advisors, and 1 for industry/policy stakeholders. The whiteboard videos communicated specific knowledge to their target audience about Johne’s Disease, its causes, how to prevent the disease, how veterinarians can help, and the impact on industry. In a continuing effort to develop, implement, and evaluate new agricultural extension methods, this project carried out a dissemination and evaluation plan for the JD whiteboard series. The video was uploaded on YouTube and shared using email, social media, events, meetings, conferences, among others. Other documents, resources, and summaries were also prepared to support the videos. These methods were evaluated for success as was the video itself to ensure this is a useful way of sharing agricultural research.

Overall, whiteboard videos are an easy and effective way to share information to specific audiences.

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Ontario Johne’s disease Education and Management Assistance Program

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