Evaluating the Impact of the OMAFRA-University of Guelph Research Program

The Partnership between OMAFRA and the University of Guelph supports one of the most innovative and comprehensive agri-food research programs in Canada. This Partnership consists of various programs, one of which is the Research Program that this project focused on. There has been significant investment in this research portfolio and associated programs since the 2008/09 funding year.

Looking forward to future funding opportunities, it is important to develop a strong understanding of the full scope of the past ten years’ portfolio of research projects and the associated outcomes and impacts.

The purpose of this study was to achieve this understanding by conducting a series of key informant interviews and a focus group; developing an evaluation framework that combines qualitative and quantitative impact metrics and; compiling a series of case studies to showcase Research Program projects that demonstrate the impact, value, breadth and depth of research within and across themes.

Key findings of this report highlight the importance of the Research Program as one of the only Canadian agri-food funding programs. This investment has built significant capacity for highly qualified personnel and facilitated faculty development at the University of Guelph. Moreover, the program supported the agriculture and agri-food sectors by responding to emerging issues and adapting to changes during the Partnership agreement.


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OMAFRA-University of Guelph Partnership

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