Calf Health Management Training for Grober Nutrition

In June 2018, ACER’s Dr. Dave Renaud developed and delivered a full day workshop for the staff of Grober Nutrition. The day featured in-class learning and on-farm training led by Dr. Renaud. The day focused on discussions around dry cow care, an overview on the calving process, colostrum and neonate management, as well as common calf diseases.

Workshop participants were learned about calf auditing and reporting to help troubleshoot potential calf morbidity and mortality issues. They were then given the chance to put those newfound skills to use when the group travelled to Summitholm Holsteins, to assess dry cow pens, calving pens, and the various on-farm protocols. Once they returned from the farm, there was group discussion on findings and possible areas of improvement.

The latter portion of the training focused on common calf disease management and prevention, as well as a segment entitled ‘The First 48’, which highlighted the importance of good colostrum management, housing/bedding, disease prevention, and nutrition. The in-class portion also included discussion on the importance of identifying navel infections (they often go unnoticed), and methods for prevention (all of which are good pointers for prevention of all calf disease!)


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