Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

We design, conduct, and provide technical consultation on epidemiological research projects. Our content expertise is in:

  • Animal health and veterinary medicine
  • Food safety
  • Risk assessment
  • Biosecurity
  • Health promotion

We apply a one health lens to epidemiological research. We explore host, agent, environment, and social factors to get the complete picture of population health.

We bring an interdisciplinary skillset to the table. We have advanced training in veterinary medicine, quantitative, and qualitative research methods. We work with our clients to design, conduct, and report applied research projects.

Whether you need help designing a study, analyzing data, or the whole research package, ACER has your needs covered. Here’s what our research team can do for you:

  • Funding


    Grant proposal writing and review

  • Study Design

    Study Design

    Observational study designs

    • Cross-sectional
    • Case-control
    • Cohort

    Experimental study designs (field trials, interventions)


    • Scoping reviews
    • Environmental scans
    • Literature reviews
    • Meta-analyses
  • Data Collection

    Data Collection

    Surveys (online, hardcopy, telephone, in-person)

    • Qualtrics
    • Survey Monkey
    • Checkbox
    • Google Forms

    Interviews and focus groups

    Field collection

  • Analysis


    Data entry, cleaning, coding, and management

    Descriptive and advanced statistical analysis with various software programs:

    • S-Plus
    • SPSS
    • STATA
    • SAS
    • R
    • Python
    • Excel

    Advanced qualitative analysis

    • Atlas.ti

    Data visualization

  • Write-Up


    Peer-reviewed publications

    Trade publications and white papers

    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
      Benchmark reports

    Internal reports

    Fact sheet and newsletters

    Annual, final, and evaluation reports for funders

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Evaluating the Impact of Meloxicam Oral Suspension Administered at Parturition: A randomized clinical field trial

The livestock industry is constantly striving to improve animal welfare. Recognizing that many of the procedures in animals are painful, there is a clear need for solutions. Dr. Dan Shock of ACER Con...

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