Education & Training

Education & Training

We are expert facilitators, educators, and trainers. Our combination of practice and training ensures we bring the right experience to the table.


Professional Facilitation

We routinely facilitate meetings and events for clients. Strong communication skills improve client satisfaction and engagement. In today’s collaborative environment, having the ability to influence demands strong facilitation skills.



We can offer training sessions on a variety of topics. Our training methods are commonly offered in a blended format (in-class and online learning) and are tailored to your specific needs.

Our goals are to:

  • Facilitate critical thinking
  • Engage, motivate, and challenge assumptions
  • Promote theoretical understanding
  • Enable practical application of learned concepts

Crucially, we provide trainees with multiple methods of learning to ensure our messages generate ‘sticky’ knowledge.

  • Facilitation


    Small group and boardroom facilitation

    Focus group moderation

    Event hosting and large group facilitated sessions

    Online webinar and group hosting

  • Training


    Technical workshops and training on topics such as:

    • Epidemiology
    • One health
    • Animal health and welfare
    • Biosecurity
    • Risk assessment

    Facilitation training

    Knowledge mobilization and communications training

    Applied on-farm interventions and advisor training

  • Course Development

    Course Development

    Development of in-class and web-based courses

    Continuing education for veterinary professionals

    Development of engaging and interactive teaching resources

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Agricultural Communications &
Epidemiological Research

Understand. Inform. Influence.

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