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    2014 | Veterinary Technician Diploma

  • Veterinary Technician Program, Seneca College

    2011 | Bachelor of Science

  • Department of Biological Sciences, University of Guelph

Rachel Genore-Roche

RVT and Research Associate

Rachel has a keen interest in both companion and food animal veterinary medicine. As a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), she has a passion for animal health and works as an advocate for the care and welfare of youngstock. In keeping with this goal, she has a key role in educating producers and other veterinary professionals on current research and best practise, and broadening the scope of practice for future RVTs. Specifically, her areas of interest lie in pain management, developing and implementing treatment and protocols, improving housing and management, preventative medicine, and data collection.

Rachel completed a BSc degree in Biological Science from the University of Guelph in 2011, and the Veterinary Technician program at Seneca College in 2014. She has since been a team member of a large, progressive dairy‐focused mixed animal practice in southwestern Ontario. Through her work, she has had opportunity to mentor many future RVTs and apply her compassion and skill set to help both veterinarians and producers achieve optimal performance. As Research Associate and a key part of the ACER team, she aims to contribute to, and advance, the field of food animal medicine and research.


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  • Renaud, D., Steele, M., Genore, R., Roche, S., and Winder, C. 2020.  Passive immunity and colostrum management practices on Ontario dairy farms and auction facilities: A cross-sectional study. J. Dairy. Sci. 103(9):8369-8377.

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  • Roche, S., Renaud, D., Genore, R., Shock, D., Bauman, C., Croyle, S., Barkema, H., Dubuc, J., Keefe, G., and Kelton, D. 2020. Short communication: Describing mortality and euthanasia practices on Canadian dairy farms. J. Dairy Sci. 103(4):3599-3605.

  • Shock, D.A., Roche, S.M., Genore, R., and Olson M.E. 2019. A Pilot Study To Evaluate The Effect Of A Novel Calcium And Vitamin D-Containing Oral Bolus On Serum Calcium Levels In Holstein Dairy Cows Following Parturition. Veterinary Medicine: Research and Reports. 10:151-158.

  • Shock, D.A., Roche, S.M., Genore, R.L., Renaud, D.L., 2019. Exploring the economic impact that registered veterinary technicians have on Ontario veterinary practices. Can. Vet. J. 61(5):505-511.


Service & Leadership

  • Program Advisory Committee Member - Seneca College Veterinary Technology Program

    2018 - present

    • Advise the College on knowledge and skills required by technicians for practice in food animal medicine

Memberships & Associations

  • Canadian Animal Health Institute

  • Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council

  • Ontario Association of Registered Veterinary Technicians

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