Communication and Motivating On-Farm Change: Workshop for hoof trimmers and veterinarians

Dr. Steven Roche delivered two workshop sessions to Canadian and American hoof trimmers that focused on the practical skills and tools trimmers can use to be more effective at motivating and engaging their clients on farm. The sessions looked at the key factors driving farmer behaviour and on-­farm decision making, explored one-­on-­one and group­-based approaches to communicate effectively with farmers. This interactive session, and gave trimmers an opportunity to share experiences and best practices with respect to motivating change. The sessions were held in St. Cloud Minnesota in 2016 and Syracuse in 2017.

As part of this project, Dr. Roche also delivered a keynote presentation at the Hoof Trimmers Association Annual Meeting in Syracuse. Finally, to summarize what was heard at the workshops, Dr. Roche worked with Jamie Sullivan (a Manitoba-based hoof trimmer) to write an article for the Progressive Dairyman on tips for lameness improvement from the perspective of a trimmer.

Dairy farmers learn more about lameness at on-farm animal care workshops

Take steps toward lameness improvement: Five key tips from a hoof trimmer


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