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Welcome to a new educational series we’re calling, Dairy Digest – the Science and Practice Behind Dairy Cattle Health and Welfare. This series is brought to you by Alberta Milk and a series of industry partners, who are keen on helping showcase dairy farming stories, industry updates, and the latest science, advice and perspectives on different health and welfare topics relevant to Canadian dairy farmers. Click the images and links below to access a suite of new resources!

Fact Sheets



Animated Videos

Click the images below to view short animated videos describing the causes, impacts, and opportunities to prevent the following topics:

Technical Notes

Click the images below to access short, graphically designed technical summaries of the science on these topics, designed with producers and their advisors in mind:



Check out our podcast series “Dairy Digest“. You’ll find our first series of episodes features perspectives from farmers, veterinarians, and researchers on two key topics: calf health (managing diarrhea specifically), and pain management. Our goal is to provide farmers and their advisors with useful information that can be applied back home on the farm. 


Click below to access a series of short take home summary blogs that describe the key talking points and take home messages from our podcast interviewees presented above.




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