DeLaval Robotics 2018 World Series: VMS Pro North America

In June of 2018, ACER Consulting’s Dr. Steven Roche had the opportunity to attend and speak at DeLaval’s VMS Pro North America event in Madison, Wisconsin. The event featured many speakers in a variety of sessions covering topics on robotic system efficiency, communication and motivating change, protocol development, and barn design. This event was also used as an opportunity for DeLaval to unveil their new VMS V300 System.

Dr. Steven Roche was involved in some breakout sessions geared toward staff and personnel training and motivation. His talks highlighted the importance of understanding employee’s roles, goals, and expectations. He outlined the importance of motivating personnel versus training them as if they are lacking in knowledge and expertise – it is important to educate staff using adult learning methods. These methods teach people ‘why’ things are done a specific way, and why they need to learn something. This method is more engaging and helps farm workers feel that they are a valued member of the team. The discussion also emphasized the need for open and routine communication with staff, including constructive criticism and more importantly, recognition of a job well done to keep personnel motivated, feeling appreciated and incentivized.



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