International Dairy Federation’s 6th ParaTB Forum

The 6th ParaTB Forum, sponsored by the International Dairy Federation (IDF), was held on June 4th, 2018 at the International Convention Center in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The Forum was comprised of more than 25 delegates, representing 13 countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom). The Forum presents an opportunity for delegates to discuss and report on the current state of paratuberculosis research and control programs in their home nations.

Dr. David Kelton and Dr. Steven Roche chaired the Forum sessions and facilitated the event. They also made the information presented at the forum available internationally to those who could not attend by providing succinct and engaging messages via ACER Consult’s Twitter account. Further communications on the event will be made available online and in print through the IDF.

This year’s Forum presented a unique opportunity for sharing past, present and future perspectives on paratuberculosis control, and serves as an incredibly important catalyst for engaging in meaningful international discussion about how to address this globally important issue. The forum highlighted the need for the industry, government, and academic partners to adopt a long-term vision towards the prevention and control of Johne’s disease.


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