National Dairy Study Vlog Series

ACER supported the Dairy Farmers of Canada in creating a video blog (vlog) series to share the impact of funding contributions and communicate the current research occuring at the University of Guelph for the first ever country-wide bench-marking project, the National Dairy Study. We created a vlog template which described what a vlog is, the benefits of sharing information using vlogs, and key considerations when creating a vlog. ACER worked with each student / researcher who prepared answers to an interview guide. ACER sourced, prepped, and engaged live action filming experts, delivered on camera interview, supported post-production editing, and completed the final polished videos.

The final vlogs covered a wide range of topics including validating dairy cattle lameness assessment protocols between assessors, new techniques, such as thermal imaging, to identify injuries in dairy cattle, adoption of best milking practices for udder health, and dairy consumption in youth.

The vlog series is available on ACER’s YouTube page and at the National Dairy Study website. Stay tuned for more vlogs coming soon!


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Dairy Farmers of Canada

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