Partnering for Scientific Communication and Engagement: ACER Consulting & Tivoli Films

ACER Consulting was founded on its ability to translate complex research concepts and scientific evidence into engaging learning tools targeting a wide variety of audiences. ACER’s principal consultant, Dr. Steven Roche’s PhD research focused on designing, implementing, and evaluation peer learning strategies to tackle Johne’s disease in the Ontario dairy industry.


It All Started With Johne’s (“yo-knees”)

Dr. Roche also developed a three-part whiteboard videos series, where he synthesized dairy research on Johne’s transmission, prevention, and control and developed short, captivating videos on tackling Johne’s disease. This video series, entitled, Johne’s Disease in Canadian Dairy Herds was developed in 2014 with the help of a local, Elora-based video company, Tivoli Films Inc.

This particular video has > 10,000 views, and is one of a three-part series and was drawn by hand and filmed by the experts at Tivoli Films.



The other two videos in the series can be found here:

  • Johne’s Disease in Canadian Dairy Herds: Veterinarians motivating change
  • Johne’s Disease in Canadian Dairy Herds: Impacts across the industry


Partnership is Key to Success

Tivoli Films is a full-service live-action and animated video production company owned and operated out of their home by husband and wife team Lauren and Brent Hallman. They have the capacity to capture live-action footage using high-quality equipment and drones, as well as extensive experience and expertise in animation including 2D, 3D, character, stop motion, CGI, and whiteboard-animation style videos.


Seven Years of Video-Production – More to Come!

Since their initial collaboration in 2014, ACER Consulting and Tivoli Films have worked together on over 30 different projects using different styles of videos to demonstrate research and communicate information to its target audience. The videos that have been developed have largely centred around agriculture and food-producing animal health and welfare, on topics such as:

Other topics and research areas that have been developed into video include:


New Releases

Recently, ACER and Tivoli collaborated with the Ontario Veterinary College with a grant from the Learning Enhancement Fund to develop live-action virtual farm tours to give students an inside look at food-animal production in Ontario. Tivoli filmed on farm as well as used drone footage to help students visualize the scope and scale of food-animal production in Ontario.


Let’s Get to Work!

ACER is very proud of the work that has been developed with the help of Tivoli films and hopes to continue to share important messages with different audiences for many years to come!


Interested in developing a video to share your research or scientific story? Give us a shout anytime at and we’ll be happy to chat about creative approaches to communicating your messages.



Tivoli Films Inc.

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