Translating Science and Mobilizing Knowledge Workshop

Dr. Simon Dufour, of the Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network (CBMRN), brought ACER Consulting in to develop and deliver a two day workshop for graduate students working on mastitis-related research projects.

Dr. Roche developed and delivered a workshop entitled, “Translating Science & Mobilizing Knowledge: Engaging your audience through effective communication”. The workshop was aimed at providing students with an introduction to communication and behaviour change theory, approaches for mobilizing research results to key stakeholders, and key considerations for motivating stakeholders to change.

Through the workshop, students:

  • Learned about the key factors that influence an individual to change their behaviour,
  • Discussed tips and tricks for effectively communicating with their target audience,
  • Honed their ability to communicate with relevant stakeholders about the importance of their research.

These learning objectives were achieved through a series of short, formal presentations by Dr. Roche, followed by group brainstorming and discussion, and a number of small group activities that focused on the development and delivery of an ‘elevator speech’, approaches for developing infographics and new media, developing communication plans, incorporating knowledge mobilization and extension in grant proposals, and building networks.


Do you have special scientific communication project you’re looking for advice on? Need a website or educational toolkit built to deliver your messages? Give us a shout at and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can support your next project!



Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network; Universite de Montreal

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